Authenex - Ensuring Security and Total MobilitySecure File Transfer

Secure File Transfer that renders files unreadable to anyone except who the text or files are intended for is the solution for the safe exchange of sensitive data traveling across networks. It is by delivering reliable and secure data transmission through applying required levels of identification and authentication that businesses can ensure safe transfer of data and protect confidential information.

By using Authenex ASafe™, your files are not only encrypted according to the highest government standard; they are completely inaccessible to eavesdropping, hacks and password cracking attempts. It is affordable and scalable solution that is not dependent on certificates for file exchanges.

The Authenex encryption server software enables users to exchange encrypted files through the Web, email or any other type of network. Users can send AES-encrypted files to one or more ASafe users, secure in the knowledge that only the intended recipients can decrypt them. The Authenex encryption applications utilize two factors of authentication: the Authenex A-Key® token and login/password. After the server authenticates the token, the specified user can open the encrypted files. The Authenex encryption system also provides support for non-repudiation and digital signatures.

The Authenex A-Key deployed along with Authenex encryption applications may also be used to leverage a suite of other Authenex e-Security applications, including: