Authenex - Ensuring Security and Total MobilityThe Authenex A-Key Phishbuster Package

The Authenex A-Key token device provides strong authentication for computer users while offering a full suite of applications and total mobility. The A-Key is a robust form-factor that provides a simplified user experience for authentication methods and functions. The newest feature set is a comprehensive package which combats Phishing scams and eliminates the need for User IDs for accounts.

Flexibility - PKI, Challenge-Response and One-Time Password capabilities are all offered on the same device, giving users the ability to choose their method of authentication or allow enterprises the ability to use varying methods for specific transactions.

Mutual Authentication - The A-Key offers the ability to verify the source on both ends of an online transaction through PKI or with the Authenex Strong Authentication System (ASASĀ®) server.

Ease of Deployment - The need to have software installed to use an authentication device is eliminated by the storage class A-Key and its "driverless" user experience.

Ease of Use - In addition, the A-Key provides automatic CSP registration for PKI usage to avoid the high overhead of provisioning and the capability to automatically launch a website when the A-Key is inserted into the USB port.

Affordability - The Authenex solution is the most affordable two-factor solution of its kind and empowers enterprises with the capacity to deploy a secure and cost-effective solution.