Authenex - Ensuring Security and Total MobilityAuthenex Hard Drive Encryption

Sensitive company records or other data stored on your notebook or PC could fall into the wrong hands. Especially today, laptops/notebooks are widely used due to their portability. They are also gaining on power, which makes many new workstations built around mobile computers instead of desktops. Sensitive data stored on these machines are highly vulnerable. Businesses lose billions of dollars each year due to simple notebook theft. The data lost in these thefts is far more valuable than the notebooks themselves.

In order to protect sensitive data stored on notebooks (and PCs), companies need security solutions that render the data inaccessible and useless to anyone but the notebook or PC user. Industry standards, such as HIPAA and The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, demand that measure are taken to secure customer data or be subjected to monetary fines. Password protection is not enough as it is easy to crack. Therefore, an encryption solution that utilizes strong two-factor authentication of the end-user is required.

The Authenex encryption applications utilize two factors of authentication: the Authenex A-Key┬« token and login/password. Two-factor AES-based encryption can be extended to encrypt and protect the data on the hard-drive through Authenex HDLock™. HDLock ensures that sensitive data is protected should a Notebook or PC be left unattended, lost or stolen. Without the computer owner's specific A-Key token and the A-Key password, the disk drive cannot be accessed - protecting access both to files and documents.