Authenex - Ensuring Security and Total MobilityEnterprise Network Security

Authenex® provides enterprises and enterprise IT managers and staff with a wide range of products that help keep both their networks and data secure. Authenex® solutions enable users to securely and efficiently access network assets and personal, sensitive data anytime, anywhere. The Authenex suite of applications can be leveraged by a variety of USB and non-USB tokens.

The APAS Milestone System can be deployed in your network or can be accessed in the Cloud via a simple API (AMES-APAS Milestone Ensure Service).

Resolve Problems

How can I keep both my internal LAN and my offsite VPN access to the LAN secure from information hackers?

Install the Authenex APAS Milestone System. This will require remote and local users to authenticate via OTP before they can access your network via LAN, VPN or other remote means. Since users never use the same password twice, access remains totally secure.

How can I keep my MS OWA portal secure from information hackers?

Install the Authenex® APAS Milestone System with the APAS Milestone Plug-in for Outlook Web Access. This will require your employees wanting access to their incoming email and send messages from their company account to authenticate via OTP before being granted access.