Authenex - Ensuring Security and Total MobilityStrong Two-Factor Authentication

Today's technology has enabled businesses to efficiently communicate, share and exchange information electronically. However, the challenge in today's business transactions is the vulnerability of electronically stored and transmitted data on computer networks. The need to authenticate the identity and validity of users accessing information on the network and ensuring secure connection between employees, partners and customers have become a top-level priority for many businesses.

Security solutions are widely deployed to provide businesses with a secure connection. However, VPNs and other security applications are notoriously vulnerable to hackers as they are only password-protected. Passwords alone are easily compromised and are widely regarded as the weakest link in any given security system. In view of these challenges, enterprises of all sizes require strong (two-factor) authentication systems, which is a powerful and required addition to any VPN, firewall or other password-protected e-Security system.

Authenex offers strong two-factor authentication systems that are safe, secure, affordable and easy to manage. The Authenex Strong (Two-Factor) Authentication System (ASAS™) utilizes the Authenex A-Key with a user-assigned password to verify and authenticate the validity of the client VPN, LAN or remote web access user before allowing access to any data. The ASAS Server integrates seamlessly into existing network infrastructures through RADIUS protocols.

The A-Key token is available in several models and allows for multiple authentication methods. The device can be used in the ASAS solution as a PKI token, Challenge-Response token, or stand-alone One-Time Password device, allowing more maximum flexibility for the user. The token is password activated ensuring that Strong Two-Factor Authentication principles are enforced.

Authenex Strong Authentication System Benefits: