Authenex - Ensuring Security and Total MobilityTwo-Factor Authentication with One-Time Password

One of the greatest challenges in accepting a Two-Factor Authentication solution is need for a simple and mobile solution. Users often need to login to the network from any source they can use. The need for pre-installed drivers or secure certificate management can be a burden for an employee using a workstation like an airport kiosk, where readers or USB ports are often not available. The vulnerability of using a static password login eliminates this option. A One-Time Password (OTP) login is a secure choice in these situations.

A One-Time Password is used for exactly that, one time use. Most of the risks from fixed passwords are eliminated when the password constantly changes. The Authenex A-Key® token offers an event generated One-Time Password for network authentication. The A-Key is equipped with event button and LCD for users see their 6-digit OTP value that will be used for authentication.

The A-Key works in conjunction with our Authenex Strong Authentication System (ASAS™) server and has a battery life beyond 5 years. Integrating ASAS into an existing network infrastructure and deploying to users is fast and easy. For consumer level users, it is a simple process that does not require training or drivers.

The A-Key is multi-functional and offers more security solutions beyond OTP. The on-board encryption engine on the A-Key utilizes 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to execute operations for the entire suite of Authenex e-Security applications, including: