Authenex - Ensuring Security and Total MobilityEnabling Microsoft® Outlook Web Access (OWA)
OWA Security and Secure OWA Access: Strong Authentication for Microsoft® OWA

The availability of the Internet enables anyone to access email from nearly anywhere. And the integration of Microsoft® Outlook Web Access (OWA) with an Exchange server makes providing Internet access to employees' email a simple procedure. However, maintaining strong OWA security against everyone else who can view an OWA login page can be a real problem.

Authenex® has solved this problem with the ASAS® System Plug-in for Outlook Web Access, a simple addition to the Authenex Strong Authentication System (ASAS®).

The ASAS® System Plug-in for Outlook Web Access only takes about twenty minutes to install and configure. Once in, it requires anyone who wants access to your OWA email system to verify who they are via ASAS® System two-factor authentication.

Like a bank ATM, the ASAS® System two-factor authentication process is based on identifying a user by something they have (in this case, an A-Key® token) and something they know (a password or PIN). Anyone visiting your OWA login page must use both factors to gain access. Without both, the ASAS® System denies access.

Using One-Time Password (OTP) access, a user's A-Key® token generates a six-digit OTP value. That user enters that number along with their PIN into the OWA log in page password field. Each OTP value is unique and can only be used once. Every time the user accesses an ASAS® System-protected OWA log in page, a new, unique OTP value is required.

The combination of the ASAS® System and the Plug-in for Outlook Web Access ensures that, from any web browser anywhere in the world, only authorized users access and view their incoming email and send messages from their company account. Unauthorized people are locked out.

The ASAS® System Plug-in for Outlook Web Access is designed to integrate easily with any existing infrastructure and be very easy to administer and maintain.